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Corruption Is King first surfaced during the summer of 2002 with a 3-piece blast of sonic girth bringing a solid track record in punk, noise, rock and metal into a collective mix. The band later refined their progressively signature sound -by adding a 4th component in the spring of 2003- creating an impenetrable wall of guitar rock with hooks aplenty. Imagine Quicksand playing Sugar songs with its own twist. The result is raw melody backed by density, noise and intensity turned savory song oriented history in the making. Corruption Is King has shared stages with such vital buzz bands as; Hot Water Music, The Distillers, Gibby Haynes (ex-Butthole Surfers), Rye Coalition, Midtown, Smile Empty Soul, Mock Orange and many more.

Further capitalizing on the momentum that Corruption has built with months of commercial alternative -and college- radio play, the band hit Water Music Studios -Hoboken, NJ- and Headgear Recording -Brooklyn- with producer John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr, Burning Brides, Jawbox) to record its debut album "The Karmic Debt", out now on Crustacean Records.

"It's refreshing to see a band driven to rock and do it well. Corruption Is King rocks."
Melody Lee - Program Director, KROX Radio in Austin

"Radio-ready, yet heavy enough for Fugazi-raised faithful, punchy Austin up-and-comers Corruption Is King have earned a solid fan base and local airplay with a dense but melodic fusion of songcraft and melody."
Andy Langer - The Austin Chronicle (SXSW picks)

"No doubt about it, Corruption Is King is radio rock friendly, which in these times, often has nasty connotations. Truth be told, though, I don't think there's anything wrong with writing fist-pumping rock music..."
Dave Dierksen - Rank and Revue Magazine

A "Best Bet" band for their live shows.
Ginger Cowles - The Austin American Statesman

The Players

Scott McNearney (AKA Durgin) - guitar, vocals
Matt Cook, Colin Fee, Matt Cook - drums
John Davis - guitar, bk vocals
Mike Nuccio, Chad Cardosa, Sal Silva III, Satoshi, Sal Silva III - bass

The honorable Mr. McNearney

C. Matthew Cook Davis Satoshi