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August 13,2007

"The Karmic Debt", the soundtrack to American decline, is out now

So Matt, John, Satoshi and I made this huge sounding rock record with John Agnello. Agnello recorded, produced and mixed it. Recording with Agnello was the best recording experience I've ever had, the stories, the stories... Agnello has worked with such acts as Sonic Youth, Lamb Of God, Murder City Devils, Clutch, Bob Dylan, Dinosaur Jr, Jawbox... The album is called "The Karmic Debt" (did I mention that already?) and it sounds BIG; Crustacean Records (Madison, WI indie-label) released it, and Corruption Is King, yes Corruption Is King funded it. So now is the time for all Corruption Is King fans to pick up their slice of the rock recorded in mega-awesome stereo analog sound. The thing weren't cheap to make but sounds like a million bucks. So invest well, support the band and spread the word, the new CD is for sale here at a great price ($10). Option 2, for a limited time, you can pick up "The Karmic Debt" along with a Corruption Is King T-shirt for only $15.

The new Rocket Fuel Is The Key album is out and is the noisiest thing Rocket Fuel has done to date. Both of the new CD's are guaranteed to blow some fresh sonic quality into your eardrums. If you don't know Rocket Fuel Is The Key, check it out. Its my other band that I started back in Kansas City in the mid '90's. The stuff is mega-angry, dischordal noise punk freak out stuff. You'll either love it or hate, which is just how Rocket Fuel likes it. You can pick up both the Rocket Fuel and the Corruption CD's on the store page, in retail stores, as well as online through Crustacean Records and other online outlets.

Rocket Fuel does a show in KC at The Record Bar on Friday August 24th, then another with our old buds Coalesce on Saturday Aug 25th at The Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS. If you're near, come out!

More soon, thanks for checking in.