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November 19, 2003

Last minute rock, two days, two quality Texas cities

We just added a last minute show in San Antonio for this Friday November 21st at Tacoland. We're playing with Suzy Bravo, CIK goes on at 11PM. For those of you in S.A., now is your time to shine, call local radio, tell your friends, the rock is on.

But first, tomorrow night -November 20th at the Liquid Lounge in Dallas. Bring cash and at least two friends, the new fall line of CIK wear is in.

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November 17, 2003

Drunk rockers

Thanks to those who came out to this weekends Hot Water Music show, we had a great time and there were plenty of really cool bands on the bill. If you haven't already, check out The Ruby Doe and These Arms Are Snakes both from Seattle.

I talked to Chuck from HWM for a bit too, he's real cool and was three weeks into a break from drinking, smoking and drugs (except for pills of course, which don't count and goes without saying, right?). Chris seemed to be drinking enough onstage for Chuck too so it all seemed to balance out. Seriously though, the band fucking rocked and played a lot of old stuff too. They were on as usual.

We're in Dallas this Thursday the 20th at The Liquid Lounge, we need your support up there, we're playing with Inner Core and Signal 13. Tell your friends and loved ones, CIK this Thursday in the Big "D".

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October 29, 2003

CMJ 2003...witnessed

This years CMJ was chock full of rock, I'll also attest to many odd happenings and a plentitude of retro 80's new wave schlock that seems to be all the rage in NYC. I won't name names on the crap (or maybe I will) but here were the highlights as witnessed.

First night, the opening party with Bob Mould (Husker Du and Sugar) spinning disco records...weird. I kept waiting for the DJ booth to fall away and see him emerge with a classic Mould wall of guitars, didn't happen. Times are changing.

I skipped out on Killing Joke as their opeing band was killing me (a $9 shot couldn't even have made that band sound better) and I decided to catch Superchunk at the Bowery Ballroom.

Superchunk was good and played with energy (but babies in a nightclub at 1AM? Now, now.), touching mostly on their last couple of records material. It was a relief so see that they didn't pull out any keyboard/organ stuff live. The crowd was pumped, 90% of the guys in the house were standing in front of Laura as usual (minimal amounts of drooling were witnessed, by the crowd of guys that is).

Thursday night included a number of stops including the SESAC showcase at Tribeca which brought out some really cool acts. Later, the Some Records showcase was packed at Sin-e with mostly heavy bands sporting some good rock songs. The Some Records showcase is however where I received the worst news all week. I talked with Samuel from Rival Schools and he proceeded to inform me that Walter had recently broken up Rival Schools. This was disappointing to say the least but when Walter Schreifels and Friends (Walter's band of the week) took the stage I just about got sick. It sounded like some french pop band with no guts, hollow and disappointing.

It seems that Rival Schools had demoed their whole next album and then Walter gave the band the ax. Samuel didn't really even seem to know why. So there seems to be one Quicksand album out there recorded and not released and basically one Rival Schools record recorded that may never see the light of day either. I really dug both of Walter's last two bands but I can't endorse the new stuff, see for yourself, but be warned.

Friday landed me at the Relapse Records showcase just intime to catch Unsane. Huge and evil sounding as ever, Dave's bass tone is the biggest I've heard. Apparently the band is working on a new studio album so keep your eyes open.

Saturday I ended up in Brooklyn and caught The Life and Times at North Six (Allen from Shiner's new band). Some of the songs were there but they didn't have the wall of tone and girth that Shiner did. They are still a new band that seems to still be finding its sound and energy, maybe another guitarist will fill it out even better. Plus I think I was hoping for Shiner part 2, which they are and aren't. Al is a good songwriter and I should probably see them again. Their debut EP "The Flat End Of The Earth" is solid.

Later I head into the last show I would catch at CMJ (which was not even a CMJ showcase). A new skatepark in Brooklyn called "The Bowl" is opening. You wouldn't know it was there if you weren't looking for it. I could hardly find it with directions. The bands started late so the crowd watched a couple dozen guys skate the bowl while drinking a bunch of free Brooklyn Lager beer and Mountain Dew.

The first band up was We Invented Tornadoes from Minneapolis (former Guzzard and King Can) who rocked sufficiently but all bands would suffer toninght as the show was held in a brick room with 50 foot ceilings making it really hard to hear. I thought the sound might get better as the room filled up (or as Joel put it: "if 70 foot guys with fur coats fill the room").

Players Club
took the stage next and made the most of the echo chamber effect, despite the shitty sound, it was great to see them rock -as they consitently do- like no other new band I've heard. Players Club is recording a new record in the next few weeks so keep your eyes open in the spring for it.

Hamilton representing
Operative - Joel Hamilton representing for Corruption.

Unsane closed the night with another monsterous set that deafened me for a day and a half. The 4:30AM wake up call to catch my flight the next morning was the last thing I wanted to hear but ya gotta do what you gotta do.

So some good new bands rocked hard and some good old bands rocked it just as hard. If you haven't already, check out the Some Records and Fiddler Records bands, they are cool labels that put out good stuff.

Next show for Corruption is Saturday November 15th at Emo's w/ Hot Water Music. See you there.

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October 09, 2003

Street Team - word to the people

We're looking for a few good people to join Team Corrupt. The wheels of the street team are beginning to roll and we need you!

Among other cities, we need your help in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. By helping promote the band, you may receive such exciting perks as: guest list spots at upcoming shows, band merch, a complimentary cocktail and a big fat pat on the back.

Its surprisingly easy and fun, not to mention satisfying. Email us by clicking here to join Team Corrupt today.

A few new photos have been posted.

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September 30, 2003

The short list

I have to put in a plug for some quality music out there that you may or may not have heard. Here is my late summer playlist:

Players Club - Ex-Unsane, Glazed Baby, Kiss It Goodbye, Shiner. They fucking rock and have a really good new EP out called "Clean" on Handi Kraft Records.

Fugazi - the kings of quality. I've really gotten into the Repeater album again lately.

Quicksand never get old, they hold the bar high for quality thick and noisy rock. Walter's newest band Rival Schools is also very cool but I would still love to see another Quicksand reunion (I'm not holding my breathe though).

The Fire Theft - with 3 ex-members of Sunny Day Real Estate - have a good new record out. Lighter - but intense - stuff that grows on you the more you listen to it.

Hot Water Music - rock hard and are playing in Austin this Thursday opening for AFI at LaZona Rosa. Check out their new record on Epitaph.

CIK is working on some new material and booking some new dates. The band sounds harder than ever with the melody still very much intact.

Stay tuned...

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